The following questions relate to the period from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018. Please answer all of the following questions with 'yes or no'. We will contact you if any of the answer with 'Yes'.
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Provide motor vehicles leased or owned by the employer to employees including directors (or his/her associate*?) *An associate is a relative such as a spouse or child. *

Expenses on behalf of employees

a) Pay a private expense; or
b) Reimburse a private expense (such as fuel & oil, subscriptions to clubs, rent on accommodation, private telephone, restaurant meals)

on behalf of an employee/director (or his/her associate*)? *

Loans to employees
Loan any money to an employee (or his/her associate*)?
A loan includes an advance of money, provision of credit, overpayment of salary, or a debt that becomes due but remains unpaid. *

Debt waiver
Forgive any debts owed by an employee?
This can include waiver of an obligation to repay overpaid salary. *

Entertainment provided to employees
Provide any form of entertainment to an employee (or his/her associate) such as restaurant meals, parties, prizes, alcohol etc.? *

Provide housing to an employee (or his/her associate) which is the employee's usual place of residence? *

Provide accommodation and/or meals to an employee or an associate as a result of an employee's entitlement under an industrial award or an employment agreement? *

Car parking provided to employees
Provide car parking facilities to employees/director (or his/her associates) including on-site parking? *

Living away from home allowances Pay an allowance to any employee/director as compensation for living away from home? *

Airline transport provided to employees
Provide free or discounted air travel on a stand-by basis to an employee/director? *

Property provided to employees
Provide goods or other property to an employee/director for free or at a discount? *

Other benefits
Provide any other type of benefit to an employee/director (or his/her associate) which has not been noted in any of the questions above? *

I acknowledge that I have understood and answered each of the questions above correctly and completely. I also acknowledge that the employer may be liable to penalties for incomplete or inaccurate fringe benefits tax returns.

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